The vision of Please-Pray-With-Us is (1) to match people who have a willingness to pray with very specific needs from our circles of prayer. (2) To inspire and encourage people to pray; and (3) to provide insights into this unique privilege/relationship with God, who hears and responds to our prayers.  While Please-Pray-With-Us respects all people and acknowledges that many paradigms exist regarding prayer, it is written from a Christian perspective.  I hope this will not discourage you from sifting through these pages and offering prayers for the needs contained herein.  After all, our Father in Heaven always stands ready to embrace an inquiring child.



Please-Pray-With-Us started at the a large Insurance Company when several employees felt a need for a group of people to gather periodically and pray for the company, its customers, its shareholders, and its employees, as well as the surrounding community. This is still the primary thrust of this ministry!  The original vision was to briefly gather by the Pilgrim Statue on the plaza at a specific time once each week to pray, but work schedules and demands understandably hindered this routine. So what started as a gathering with a follow up email recapping the prayer concerns expressed at the gathering, quickly became a prayer letter ministry as the primary focus with friends gathering occasionally. This ministry adopted the name Please-Pray-With-Us, and as time progressed, sought to create this website where prayer needs could be more easily shared. We have always respected the company non-solicitation policy and I only send Prayer Letters to those employees who have asked to be included on the distribution list. Each letter is followed by a disclaimer which is faithfully honored:  This note is being sent to you because I have been led to believe that you desire to be included in these periodic prayer letters, if for any reason your wishes have changed or I have misunderstood your intentions, please let me know and your name will immediately be removed from the list with no questions asked.



To Pastor Bob Kenbel of the West Hartford United Methodist Church who has granted permission to post his “Daily Faith Builder” email messages on this website.

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