Chapter-1  The Generous Question 

I strongly believe that Mr. Thrue Peterson would NOT have chosen to stay in cabin 56 on the Andrea Doria’s fated voyage had he known that he would watch his wife’s life ebb from her body while he worked feverishly to free her from the grip of twisted steel. The bow of the Stockholm crushed everything in its path (including their stateroom) when it accidentally ramed the Andrea Doria, that Wednesday night, July 25th, 1956. Others had originally flirted with this cabin, but for reasons that ultimately transcend our understanding, ended up with different accommodations. *1*.


Wouldn’t it be nice if we had some kind of warning before catastrophe knocked on our door? Wouldn’t we all like to know – yes, we are only 1/2 way through with our life’s journey – we don’t need to worry about being involved in a car accident this week. Or, to know with assuredness, that the disenfranchised school shooter from the next town, won’t be stopping at our school!


The Generous Question

After Adam and Eve had eaten the fruit that God had forbidden in the garden, they stopped joining him for walks during the cool of the day. When they sewed fig leaves together and made coverings for themselves, and hid themselves from him, he asked them a very probing question, “Where are you?” *2*.

This was not the question of one who didn’t know. God had not suddenly lost track of the ones he loved. He did not ask the question because he needed their help to find them, he asked it for their benefit so that they could discover where they were.

I call the question generous because it invites them into the judgment process. Rather than slam them with consequences, the question was a segue to a learning process — A very painful learning process indeed, but one filled with generous transition and provision from a loving God.

So, reader, where are you? America, where are you?
*1*   Anthony Grillo, 7/6/1998,

*2* Genesis 3:9 (New International Version) – Bible Gateway

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