Chapter-4.1   Seven Lessons On Judgment 

1. And for your pleasure, we are created  (Revelation 4:11 – King James Version)

Do you remember the joy you experienced rubbing noses with your first puppy dog? Can you still smell the salty air and feel the cool water mixed with the sand between your toes from your first stroll along a beach at sun rise? What is your first memory of eating birthday cake? Do you remember your first bouquet of flowers? Do you remember a joy filled event around the fragrance of jasmine? Or lilac? Do you have a memory of seeing your first movie with friends? Have you ever experienced the thrill of winning a championship game? This list could go on and on for hours — the things we have found pleasure in, during the course of our lives. This is the most essential take away from any and all of this writing — God is not only the creator of our lives, but he created us to ‘enjoy’! Just as we enjoy watching a great play unfold on a stage before us, God enjoys watching us enjoy life! In fact according to the Bible, we were created for his pleasure! And bringing him pleasure and sharing our pleasures with him is the summation of a life well lived!

But unfortunately, we people have real boundary issues when it comes to enjoying the things we have come to love. So we need guidelines on how to enjoy what God has created us to enjoy without destroying our neighbors ability to enjoy the things God has created them to enjoy. And when we over step those boundaries, we need help resolving the problems that arise and guidance on how to get back on track, and how to stay on track. Thus the whole judgment process. Judgment almost seems like an after thought when beholding the beauty of God. But it is a very essential element of life if we are to continue on our path of trying to please Him.
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