Chapter-5.4.1   Nine Signs We Are Under Judgment

5.4.1   Introduction To The Next Four Chapters

Again, the entire purpose of this book is to articulate SIGNS that I have read in the Bible that indicate we as a Nation; America, are under a cloud of Divine Judgment. Then to identify contributing factors with some thoughtful analysis, and to finally offer some recommendations as to how we might address some of these issues.

In order to better understand the following four chapters in this book a very brief overview of Biblical History will be beneficial.

Bible Scholars have divided history into time periods that coincide with the different ways God has chosen to relate to/with people.

These periods have long been called ‘Dispensations’. The ‘Got Questions’ website itimizes 7 such Dispensations. I appeal to every reader to visit this website (reference *1*, below) to read the additional information about these Dispensations that I have consolidated below:

(1) The Dispensation of Innocence

-The garden of Edan. *1*


(2) The Dispensation of Conscience

-From the eviction from Edan to

the Flood (in the days of Noah). *1*


(3) The Dispensation of Human


-From the Flood to the Tower

of Babel. *1*


(4) The Dispensation of Promise

-From the calling of Abraham to

the Exodus (of the Nation of

Israel) from the Land of Egypt. *1*


(5) The Dispensation of Law

-From the giving of the Law

(frequently referred to as the

Ten Commandments), although

the Law was much more

comprehensive. *1*


(6) The Dispensation of Grace

-From the Day of Pentecost

until the future Rapture of the

Church. *1*


(7) The Millennial Kingdom of Christ

-Future period of 1000 years

when Christ will reign on Earth.

This period will end with the

‘Final Judgment’, the establishment

of the ‘New Heaven’ and the ‘New

Earth’ spoken of in Revelation

21 & 22. *1*



Deuteronomy 28 is written to the Nation of Isreal during the 5th Dispensation ‘of Law’. It contains an amazing list of blessings that will come to Israel if they honor God and keep his commands. And it contains a horrible and dreadful list of curses that will come upon the nation if they forget the Lord and disregard his commands.

While some of the blessings and curses appear to be uniquely for Israel (and have already played out in her history), one day as I was reading through this chapter, I was stopped dead in my tracks with the realization that what I was reading were signs that were playing out in America, NOW. At this time it clearly dawned on me that the Bible contains what I would call ‘progressive revelation’ *2*. It also dawned on me that the Law that was given to Moses was given as a model for all governments (and in fact has been the model embraced by most of Western Civilization). Is there any reason to conclude that the blessings and curses (apart from the specifics that were written for Israel at the time) would not likewise apply to all nations? You see, the Law is more than a list of “Do’s and Don’ts”, but an expression of God’s Holy Character, and how he would relate to GOD and his neighbor were he walking on earth as a person, (which is expressed perfectly in the life of God’s Son, Jesus, when he later arrived at the appointed time). And since we are created to bear that ‘Sacred Image’ *3* throughout our lives is He not entitled to hold us to it and meet out consequences when we fall short? And likewise reward us with countless blessings when and where we are faithful to that ‘Sacred Image’? *3*

As you read through the next four chapters, please determine for yourselves if these curses are not being visited upon our nation now.

But first, PLEASE click this link and read the whole chapter for yourself:

Deuteronomy 28.

And please note that verses 45 & 46 in this chapter (see these two verses quoted below) point out that these “curses” will be a “sign” to us and our descendants. The reasons for this is a function of God’s patience and grace. These curses are given as a sign to us with the hope that in our pain or anguish of the curse, we will turn to the Lord for mercy and wisdom – be led into these understandings, and turn from our sins (as a nation). Thus, God will lead us out of the circumstances leading to the curse, so that we can be ushered into the BLESSINGS He so prefers to give us.

Deuteronomy 28:45-46 NIV

[45] All these curses will come on you. They will pursue you and overtake you until you are destroyed, because you did not obey the Lord your God and observe the commands and decrees he gave you. [46] They [these curses] will be a sign and a wonder to you and your descendants forever. *4*



*1*. Got Questions / What are the seven dispensations? /

*2*. I do not in any way lady claim to this phrase ‘progressive revelation’. I am sure it has been used thousands of times throughout history, but I likewise do not know of any specific reference to which I can or should apply credit. I put the phrase in single quotes to set it apart with distinction.

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*4*. Deuteronomy 28:45-46 NIV
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