Chapter-5.6   Nine Signs We Are Under Judgment

5.6  Could This Be Global Warming?

Probably one of the most dreaded natural phenomenon in our society and culture today is “Global Warming”. In reality, this fear goes well beyond the US boarders and is genuinely a ‘global’ concern.

These concerns center on the rise in ‘greenhouse gasses’ or automotive and industrial emissions which in turn are deemed to be responsible for a gradual warming of the world climate and ocean waters, which in turn are believed to be accelerating the melting of the ice sheets in Antarctica and Greenland. The predominant fear and concern is that this melt off will literally give rise to ocean levels worldwide and lead to more intense ocean storms, as well as major population shifts throughout the world. *1* / *2* / *3*

And than there is the following Bible verse from the chapter we have been considering:

Deuteronomy 28:22 NIV

[22] The Lord will strike you with wasting disease, with fever and inflammation, with scorching heat and drought, with blight and mildew, which will plague you until you perish. *4*

These curses from Deuteronomy 28 sound very much like the circumstances depicted in the opening paragraph on the June 8, 2007 article by Richard Kirr, on the website: SCIENCE, “Pushing the Scary Side of Global Warming”:

“Climate modeler James Hansen knows all about sounding the alarm. In the summer of 1988, drought wracked the country, fire was consuming Yellowstone National Park, and the nation’s capital sweltered. Even the Senate hearing room where Hansen was testifying was warm and stuffy—the Democrats had opened the windows the night before. Then Hansen, dubbed NASA’s top climate scientist by the media, shouted ‘Fire!’ in the crowded theater: ‘With a high degree of confidence,’. he declared, greenhouse warming had arrived. Although many of his colleagues agreed, none chimed in with support; they could not share his high degree of confidence. Still, Hansen’s lone authoritative voice was enough to send the media into a years-long brouhaha over global warming.” *5*

So basically, as I see it, people surveying the range of information I have just furnished are left with thee views to choose from.

(1) The reader can aleign their thinking with a ‘Biblical Model’ that depicts a reality that God is in total control and can (and does jack up the heat when and where He sees fit, to accomplish His purposes. And this is a curse He brings upon nations when He is provoked. This reality includes the reverse possibility that God can thus cool things down at His discretion when and where He chooses!

(2) The reader can ascribe to the ‘Scientific Models’ represented by the articles referenced (below in the notes) and elevate them to a level of absolute truth, (with or without God).

(3) Or, the reader can ascribe to a blended model. A “Biblical Model” in which God is using the elements in the “Scientific Model” (the ‘greenhouse gasses’ and the ‘rising water temperatures’, etc., generated by man) to accomplish His Divine purposes.

Which model do you ascribe to, America?

Is it possible that this is all another sign from God that we are under a Cloud of Judgment?



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*5*. “Pushing the Scary Side of Global Warming” / By Richard Kerr / June 8, 2007 / SCIENCE /

Note: while the above link will take you to the article, the reader is advised that they have to ‘Log in to view the full text’. I discovered a bypass. Google the phrase, “what is so frightening about global warming”. Then click on the article, “Pushing the Scary Side of Global Warming” and you should see the full article.




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