Chapter-5.9   Nine Signs We Are Under Judgment

5.9  The Long List Of [Alleged] Women Abusers
Starting in the 1980’s there were a number of instances throughout Christianity (most denominations) where church leaders were being exposed for a variety of sins (predominantly sexual). Most of these leaders were either flushed out of ministry (forced out), or left of their own accord. I believe it was during this time that the SEX SCANDALS in the Catholic Church were first reported.

While most people in the world were offended by this onslought of degradation in the church they likely thought that while the numbers seemed excessive, this was probably just a coincidence.

What they did not realize was that this disclosure was orchestrated by God as a form of judgment against his church!

1 Peter 4:17 (a verse from the Bible) says, “For it is time for judgment to begin with God’s household; and if it begins with us, what will the outcome be for those who do not obey the gospel of God?” *1*

Now the themes portrayed in this verse are not only those of judgment, but also those of sequence. God shakes up his ‘house’ (the church) in judgment, and then he ‘shakes’ up the world of unbelievers in a similar way.

As I was starting this writing and outlining for the reader’s benefit the topics upon which I planned to write, Harvey Weinstein was just starting to be tried in court for his offenses. At that time, I stumbled upon a list of about 90 other men who had received charges (or alligations) against them for ‘abusing woman’. This list includes some noteworthy individuals. Just the existence of such a list of potential ‘women abusers’ (where these supposed instances took place outside of churches), is evidence that while judgment is continuing in the church, it has also moved out ‘into the world (of unbelievers)’ [in our sphere of writing for the purposes of our study — the American culture].

I would like to add a comment that when I first glanced at this list, in something of a hurry, I mis-interpretated the list as being a list of people who had been convicted of ‘abusing women’. As I have looked more carefully, I realize that it is people who have received allocations — BIG DIFFERENCE! What brought this clear distinction into focus was that when I first looked at the list, Brett Kavanaugh’s name was not included. The second time I looked, his name had been added. I then gave much consideration to not mentioning the list; but recognize that while some on the list are very likely innocent, some on the list are likewise very likely guilty (a topic, itself, worthy of more followup). So, having mentioned this dichotomy, I feel free to include the list for the purpose of making my point.

Some people were humored at the downfall of Christian Leaders in the 1980’s and 90’s. Such humor wears thin when one’s own double standard of conduct begins to be exposed, as was the case for some outside the church when they started to feel the ever present scrutiny of the Holy Spirit.

One of His tools for judgment (if people refuse to listen to the private promptings from His Spirit to turn from their ‘evil ways’ is to expose their ways to the light thus potentially exposing them to public shame.

At that point in my writing, there was a resurgence of alligations against the Catholic Church in Pennsylvania for more child molestation cases, as well as legal actions for some older cases (people who had been previously molested who were now seeking restitution from the church).

There have been two times in this writing where I have felt like I had approached a sheer drop off and was left up on a ledge looking into a deep, deep pit. In both occasions, the pit represented to me the unfathomable depths of pain and suffering created by the way some people had been mistreated by others. This topic represents one of those times.

As I gaze into this pit where regard for the sacred personal boundries of vulnerable people/children have been utterly cast aside and sacrificed for the sake of momentary personal pleasure, I am left speechless! That people could be so calloused and blind to evil as they have unleashed it upon their victims (causes me pain just to reflect on it).

Three thoughts come into focus for me in this context:

  1. Clearly the saying is true, “they had been taken captive by Satan, to do his will.” *2*
  2. That Jesus died just as much for them as he did for you and me – and special care needs to be taken with such individuals to provide a path of redemption for them that is encased with guard rails to protect future potential victims while slowly rehabilitating the individuals with constraints. The guardrails and constraints must be commensurate with the individual’s ownership of their ‘sins’ and their willingness to submit to such a path of redemption.
  3. That the Catholic Church has failed to constrain such ‘sexual preditors/offenders’ is a travisty of faith and sacred trust!

The names from the list I discussed above are listed below. I encourage the readers to review thus article which contains many more details (and other articles) before attempting to draw any final conclusions about these men. In fact, if we follow the admonition of Scripture, we will refrain from any final conclusions (deferring final judgments to the Holy one who judges with accuracy because of His knowledge of all things and His dedication to truth)!

The article starts with the mention Harvey Weinstein, the original individual (in the article) accused of “abusing women”, and is followed be the individuals listed below. *3*

  1. Brett Kavanaugh
  2. Les Moonves
  3. Sylvester Stallone
  4. Jamie Foxx
  5. Riff Raff
  6. Morgan Freeman
  7. Nev Schulman
  8. Noel “Detail” Fisher
  9. R. Kelly
  10. Junot Díaz
  11. Tom Brokaw
  12. Blake Farenthold
  13. John Bailey
  14. Richard Meier
  15. Tony Tooke
  16. Charlie Rose
  17. Jeff Franklin
  18. Ryan Seacrest
  19. Justin Forsyth
  20. Paul Marciano
  21. Patrick Demarchelier
  22. Jay Asher
  23. Scott Baio
  24. Wayne Pacelle
  25. Vincent Cirrincione
  26. Charlie Walk
  27. James Franco
  28. Chuck Close
  29. Steve Wynn
  30. David Copperfield
  31. Patrick Meehan
  32. Michael Douglas
  33. Seal
  34. Joel Kramer
  35. Aziz Ansari
  36. Mario Testino
  37. Paul Haggis
  38. Corey Lewandowski
  39. Tavis Smiley
  40. Ken Friedman
  41. Ryan Lizza
  42. Mario Batali
  43. Lorin Stein
  44. Dylan Howard
  45. Peter Martins
  46. Danny Masterson
  47. John Hockenberry
  48. James Levine
  49. Bruce Weber
  50. Israel Horovitz
  51. Matt Lauer
  52. Garrison Keillor
  53. Johnny Iuzzini
  54. Richard Branson
  55. Nick Carter
  56. John Lasseter
  57. Russell Simmons
  58. John Conyers
  59. Andrew Kreisberg
  60. Geraldo Rivera
  61. Glenn Thrush
  62. Al Franken
  63. Matthew Weiner
  64. Mark Schwahn
  65. Louis C.K.
  66. Andre Balazs
  67. Roy Moore
  68. Jeffrey Tambor
  69. Ed Westwick
  70. Brett Ratner
  71. Jeremy Piven
  72. Dustin Hoffman
  73. Andy Dick
  74. Michael Oreskes
  75. Hamilton Fish
  76. Kevin Spacey
  77. George H. W. Bush
  78. Mark Halperin
  79. Knight Landesman
  80. Steven Seagal
  81. Leon Wieseltier
  82. Terry Richardson
  83. James Toback
  84. John Besh
  85. Lockhart Steele
  86. Robert Scoble
  87. Chris Savino
  88. Roy Price
  89. Ben Affleck
  90. Oliver Stone
  91. Andy Signore *3*


So, as I commented above, just the existence of such a list of potential ‘women abusers’ (where these supposed instances took place outside of churches), is evidence that while judgment is continuing in the church, it has also moved out ‘into the world (of unbelievers)’. My contention thus, is that this ‘presence’ also is a sign that America is under judgment!

That being said, America, where are you? Reader, where are you?




Note: all Scripture references in this chapter are from The Holy Bible, New International Version® NIV® Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984, 2011 by Biblica, Inc.® Used by permission of Biblical, Inc.® All rights reserved worldwide.

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