America Where Are You?


(revised, March 6, 2020)
March 6, 2020
While in many ways America seems to be sailing on uncharted waters, in other ways, it is like she is adrift in the same old dirty pond. Before God expelled Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden (after they had eaten the fruit He had commanded them not to eat), their eyes had been opened and they found themselves to be naked. So they hid themselves from Him. At this, He went looking for them and called out this question to them, “Adam and Eve, where are you?”
This book, “America, Where Are You?” is based on that probing question. No, God did not suffer from a lapse in memory. He knew where Adam and Eve were. He was asking the question so that they might reflect upon their own condition, and return to Him for restoration and healing. The same is true for the judgments that followed. While most people think of the judgments of God as being cruel and final; yes, while they are very decisive and can be harshly abrupt, they are always designed to get us all to reconsider the places we have gone to hide, so that we might return to Him and be restored.
So, where are you, America? Are you willing to face the possibility that God who loves you and gave his Son for you (as well as all the nations/peoples of the world), might be using “The Nine Signs That We Are Under Judgment”, as a means to call you HOME?
This book explores topics related to Judgment, the 9 Signs, other probing questions, and a few recommendations as to how we can get back on track.
We all should always remember that Biblical Theme that is repeated throughout this book, that if we would judge ourselves, we will NOT be condemned with the world! You see, I believe that God is actually using these 9 Signs to get our attention, because the outcome might be far worse if we go on our ways and ignore the Signs!

Dale Petersen


Revised 3/6/2020

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