Please pray for these needs…
10/6/2021 Update


10/6/2021 — (S) who has come down with COVID
7/6/2021 — special request for [M]
6/25/2021 — the people adversely impacted by the Condo collapse in Florida!
6/24/2021 — Pete, Brandy, Suz, Robert & Mary!
4/8/2021 — Deerfoot Lodge Christian Wilderness Camps as they prepare for this summer. 
4/8/2021 — S who is in the hospital with residual COVID and underlying issues!
4/8/2021 — F, a young child with COVID.
3/17/2021 — B who is recovering from significant heart surgery!
2/17/2021 — JG who just contracted COVID and has risk factors.
2/17/2021 — GA who just moved into Nursing Home.
2/16/2021 — T who has been told he only has 6 months to live.
2/13/2021 — RB who fell and broke a leg.
1/13/2021 — L who is having heart surgery this morning!
1/13/2021 — M what  needs help adjusting!
1/13/2021 — a family of 4 that came down with COVID
12/22/2020 — N who is nearing end-of-life, fighting COVID-19 — one last procedure is being tried!
11/19/2020 — B who is entering Hospice Care.
11/19/2020 — The M family suffering the loss of a loved one
11/19/2020 — D has received or is in need o receive a kidney transplant.
11/19/2020 — L has bladder cancer.
11/19/2020 — S family that is struggling greatly.
11/19/2020 — J who is having trouble controlling her blood pressure.
11/19/2020 — L who just found out she has a hole in her heart.
11/13/2020 — C who has kidney failure & Sepsis 
11/13/2020 — A who is in hospital with Covid
11/13/2020 — L who has advanced cancer
11/13/2020 — B’s Dad who was being tested today to see if bad cancer of lungs has spread.
11/2/2020 — V fell and broke her wrist.
10/27/2020 — Obviously, those with COVID
10/24/2020 — B’s father who has been diagnosed with cancer.
10/23/2020 — Two women who were hurt because of falls.
10/13/2020 — A man, N, who has been admitted to the hospital with severe headaches.
9/26/2020 — A who is fighting for her life against COVID-19
9/26/2020 — a man who has just been diagnosed with cancer in his lung.
8/28/2020 — M who has recently suffered 2 strokes and is in hospital.
8/6/2020 — LS who has surgery today
8/6/2020 — for KT who found out she has cancer (again)
8/6/2020 — for NJ whose house deal just fell through
5/28/2020 — S who is going through a tough time.
5/14/2020 — BA who is in a nursing home that is ripe with Covid-19
5/12/2020 — PP Who has an urgent need that he is not able to disclose.
4/26/2020 — M who has cancer surgery tomorrow.
4/1/2020 — Special thanks for Health Care Workers who are putting their lives on the line everyday!
                         Lord, please keep them safe, get them the supplies they need, and help them and
                         their families stay healthy.
4/1/2020 — Woman whose husband killed in a crash 3 days after wedding.
3/3/2020 — Corona Virus threat!
3/3/2020 — Nashville, TN (tornado destruction)
3/2/2020 — A man in SC who suffered a stroke.
3/2/2020 — E who has a critical test on 3/14.
3/2/2020 — A young man P who is struggling with stress and anxiety!
2/18/2020 — A man M, who is planning to quit smoking tomorrow ‘Cold Turkey’.
2/18/2020 — The family that lost the 6 yr. old daughter in SC.
2/8/2020 — The family whose children were in a head-on collision last night.
                      one daughter and her friend died, the other daughter is fighting
                      for her he life.
2/1/2020 — Scott who is in China!
1/25/2020 — Seven month pregnant woman and baby within in serious condition.
1/13/2020 (request I missed) —- R struggling with severe depression.
1/15/2020 — S, private request
1/15/2020 — W, sick
1/15/2020 — Woman who is in the hospital (the mother of a friend)
1/14/2020 — M, who is suffering from pneumonia and the flu.
1/9/2020 — R, who suffered a horrible fall at Christmas, and is currently in ICU with severe, life-threatening complications.
1/1/2020 — H suffers from a leg infection.
12/30/2019 — M who is sick.
12/28/2019 — P who is in hospital – paralysis
12/26/2019 — E, who fell and broke her hip and is having surgery today!
12/18/2019 —- L, who is having back surgery today.
12/17/2019 — R, an older man who recently suffered a heart attack.
12/17/2019 — J, a woman who has had two recent brain surgeries.
12/6/2019 — R, a small child who is having trouble breathing
11/1/2019 —- M For an Eye condition that needs healing
10/29/2019 — J For healing
10/29/2019 — R for healing
10/23/2019 — C who has a horrible case of Poison Ivy
10/21/2019 — Tom – cancer of lymph nodes
10/3/2019 — Woman who fell backward from the 4th step – in hospital
9/23/2019 — G who is being treated for stage-4 cancer
9/23/2019 — A, a young child who is not getting enough nutrition 
9/23/2019 — P, who recently had cancer surgery
9/23/2019 — J, who is recovering from a pulled groin muscle and a pinched nerve 
9/23/2019 — S, who is extremely tired and has an undiagnosed heart condition
9/5/2019 — L who fell and broke her hip.
9/5/2019 — S who fell and broke her wrist.
9/2/2019 — We pray for the nation of Poland
.                        80 years after the attack from Germany
.                        and still healing.
9/2/2019 — We pray for ALL affected be Dorian
9/2/2019 — We pray for Odessa, Texas
8/29/2019 — Unspoken request for a gal, P.
8/27/2019 (posted 8/29) — S who had a recent heart attack.
8/27/2019 — M who has open heart surgery today.
8/27/2019 — D who starts treatments Wednesday for a lung infection.
6/4/2019 — A who is dying
6/4/2019 — M a young person undergoing treatments for cancer
6/4/2019 — M & J as M undergoes renewed treatments for cancer
5/15/2019 — D as he has a lung test.
5/15/2019 — C as he has tests for his heart and lungs.
4/29/2019 — Please pray for K who is taking some challenging exams
4/29/2019 — Please pray for M who has had cancer return in his back
4/9/2019 — Please pray for the family, friends, and students of a teacher in Connecticut who took his life this past Friday.  The school system is seeking to determine how to navigate through these difficult circumstances.  He leaves 3 small children under the age of 10.
3/15/2019 — Deerfoot Camp For Boys
.                      as they prepare to open 
                       new Blue Ridge camp in NC.
3/15/2919 — P & J, two men nearing death.
2/27/2019 — J who has been admitted to Hospital.
2/16/2019 — 6 week old R who has been in the hospital for six days 
2/13/2019 — B as he recovers from hernia surgery
2/12/2019 — D as she mourns the unexpected death of her stepson
1/18/2019 — A as he recovers from surgery
1/16/2019 — C, a young woman with stage-3 cancer — a new large mass discovered today 
1/11/2019 — J, B, L, L, N, R, C, T for comfort, healing and relief from troubles
1/11/2019 — J who has a broken ribs and finger
1/11/2019 — PM who is facing total knee reconstruction.
1/11/2019 — The Congo that is experiencing political unrest.
1/11/2019 — S who has digestive issues.
12/15/2018 — For CD who has been
Diagnosed with tumors on her neck.
12/6/2018 — For the family and friends, and church of the Pastor who just died of burns when the Parsonage burned in Mount Holly this week.
12/5/2018 — The rebuilding efforts in North Carolina, Florida, and California
12/5/2018 — RS as he has shoulder surgery today
11/29/2018 — JP in his current stage of his battle against cancer.
11/29/2018 — RS who will have shoulder surgery Wednesday
11/29/2018 — 4 year-old J, who has been diagnosed with in-operable cancer.
11/28/2018 — WF, fighting last stage cancer.
11/12/2018 — Lord, we pray for those suffering in the horrible wild fires in
                California.  Please bring relief and please help them put out 
                the fires!  Please send rain and reduce the winds!
11/8/2018 — Friends and Families of the victims of the Night Club 
                Shootings in California!  Lord, we also lift up AH, the family
                member .of a West Hartford woman.  AH was in the night 
                club and is missing and has not been heard from since the
                shootings.  Oh, Lord, please deliver us from these kinds of evil!
10/27/2018 –Friends And Members of the Tree Of Life
                Synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA and everyone touched
                by these horrific and evil shootings! 
                AND MICHAEL
10/17/2018 — JK, needs protection
10/5/2018 — N, needs a Liver transplant
10/5/2018 — SG, has Legionnaires’ Disease
10/4/2018 — LA in ICU for explatory testing
8/16/2018 — J recovering from hip surgery
8/16/2018 — P recovering from open heart surgery
8/16/2018 — B(1) in the hospital
8/16/2018 — B(2) recovering from surgery
8/16/2018 — R recovering from hip surgery
8/16/2018 — A recovering from circulatory surgery
8/8/2018 — M (a missionary in Africa) who has contracted an aggressive infection
8/8/2018 — N who has some family issues to deal with
8/7/2018 — K who has been diagnosed with stage-1 cancer
8/2/2018 — People suffering the wild fires in California
8/2/2018 — ML has a broken hip
7/24/2018 — AJ passed away at 2:00 today, please pray for his family
7/18/2018 — CL, a baby in the NICU
7/18/2018 — EC who just had a knee replaced
7/18/2018 — BM who is back in the hospital with an infection
7/18/2018 — AJ who has taken a turn for the worse.
7/11/2018 — AJ who will be having heart tests tomorrow
6/25/2018 — D who was recently admitted to hospital with heart and breathing problems 
6/17/2018 — A whose dear friend is moving away
6/17/2018 — Salvation for family members
6/17/2018 — for the church triumphant and universal
6/17/2018 — for complete healing of K
6/17/2018 — R for last stage cancer
6/17/2018 — J for continued healing
6/17/2018 — For Fathers
6/17/2018 — Safety for a family as they travel out of state
6/17/2018 — Healing for 3 people who still mourn the death of E (one year anniversary)
6/17/2018 — Healing for T & G as well as healing for L
6/17/2018 — West Hartford United Methodist Church
6/11/2018 — J who has had a significant diminished ability to breath since Saturday
6/11/2018 — Meetings between Leaders of North Korea and the USA
End of May — Special Prayers for the family of Baby H who has gone to be with Jesus
5/31/2018 — K who is in rehab, suffering from anxiety
5/31/2018 — J (mother of 5) whose husband died
5/31/2018 — Revival in America
5/31/2018 — Family of L as they prepare for his memorial service
5/31/2018 — WHUMC Band of Brothers
5/31/2018 — A for his eyes and feet
5/31/2018 — R & J as they continue their recovery from different health issues
5/30/2018 — Prayer for L who had heart valve replacement surgery today 
5/21/2018 — MAR for diagnosis and treatment of debilitating back pain 
5/11/2018 — KA who was admitted to hospital with an infection
5/10/2018 — K who has been admitted to hospital with serious conditions
5/8/2018 — R who is sick again
4/25/2018 — C who recently lost dad
4/25/2018 — a different JT who is having consultations with doctors regarding pain
4/25/2018 — JT who is having open heart surgery
4/12/2018 — R who has been running a fever 
3/13/2018 — N who is suffering from two different strains of the flu and will be receiving IV treatments
3/9/2018 — S, who is in the emergency room with severe back pain 
3/8/2018 — TF who is undergoing treatment for stage for cancer
3/8/2018 — WW who will be undergoing breast surgery Monday
3/8/2018 — KE who will be undergoing eye surgery tomorrow
3/6/2018 — LW who has had the flu and has now developed pneumonia
3/3/2018 — A family that is grieving the loss of a loved one
2/15/2018 — MS, who experienced a brain hemorrhage yesterday while at work
2/8/2018 — SJ, who is having back surgery today
1/31/2018 — JW, who is being admitted for open heart surgery
1/26/2018 — JT, who will be admitted soon for back surgery
1/23/2018 — K, who goes in for knee surgery tomorrow
1/12/2018 — JA, who was admitted to the hospital
1/8/2018 — A, who is in the Emergency Room due to severe blood sugar levels
1/8/2018 — M, who injured his knee this weekend playing basketball
1/3/2018 — JT also has a blood disorder that needs to be resolved before
          back surgery can take place.
1/3/2018 — AR who has had a recent biopsy and will be having surgery.
12/28/2017 — GA who suffered a recent fall.
12/27/2017 — LG who is receiving treatments for cancer.
12/17/2017 — JT who will be having back surgery at the end of January.
12/7/2017 — UPDATE — R & J both delivered miracle babies that are doing
12/7/2017 — NM who is in the hospital with a high fever!
12/7/2017 — Please pray for the family and friends of EK who recently went
          home to be with the Lord.
12/4/2017 — MAR who is dealing with an eye issue.
11/6/2017 — Please pray for all impacted in the Sutherland Springs Church
          shootings in Texas.
11/4/2017 — Please pray for (J & B)  who experienced severe destruction of
          their NY home in the recent storms.
11/1/2017 — Please pray for (A) and his daughters.
11/1/2017 — Please pray for (M) who recently had surgery, and for her family, that they might willingly embrace (M)’s limitations.
11/1/2017 — Please pray for (J) as they seek to diagnose what caused her recent hospitalization, and how to prevent it again.
11/1/2017 — Please pray for (J) who is due to deliver her child in the beginning of December.
11/1/2017 — Please pray for two women who are recently struggling with depression.
11/1/2017 — Please pray for a child who is very hyper-active, and the family of that child who is struggling to survive.
11/1/2017 — Please pray for (P)’s job/ministry situation.
11/1/2017 — Please continue your prayers for California, Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Las Vegas and now New York City
11/1/2017 — Please pray for traveling mercies for (B) and his wife as they head off soon for a very special vacation.
11/1/2017 — Renewed prayers for (J) who is struggling in his treatments for lung cancer [see below].
11/1/2017 — Please be praying for the family of (I).  (I)’s sister has undergone a rather unsettling birth experience where
          the baby’s life has been at risk.  The husband/father, hit a deer on the way to the hospital and while he is OK, his car
          was totaled.
11/1/2017 — Please be praying for (J) as he receives treatments for hodgkins disease.
6/1/17 thru 10/31/17 — Personal Time (Website not maintained).
5/26/2017 — Please Pray for (J) who has been diagnosed with lung cancer.
          Since 5/26, (J) has responded favorably to treatments but has experienced some recurrence of earlier symptoms.
5/26/2017 — Please Pray for (M) who is battling prostate cancer.
Since 5/26, (M) has responded very favorably to treatments.
5/26/2017 — Please Pray for (P) who is receiving chemo therapy for tumors.
Since 5/26, (P) has responded very favorably to treatments.  I understand she has been declared ‘cancer free’. 
3/13/2017 — Please be praying for (K) as she undergoes surgery today for multiple breaks in her leg.
Since 3/13, (K)’s leg has healed and she continues to improve.
2/28/2017 — Please Pray for (S / man) who fell off his dirt bike and is now in the hospital recovering from surgery today.
(S) experienced a complete recovery.
 2/9/2017 — Please Pray for (E) who has been diagnosed with a recurrence of leukemia.
Since 2/9, (E) deteriorated to the point where we almost lost him, but he has experienced a complete recovery.
— Please continue prayers for Ralph as he continues to improve and gain mobility and greater use of his back.
Since we started praying for Ralph almost 4 years ago, he has improved to the point where he is no longer
          in need of his wheel chair.  His recovery has been nothing short of a miracle. 
— Please pray for (B) who is undergoing treatment for breast cancer.
(B) is still undergoing treatments and has responded well.
— Please pray for Scott who is on a long term teaching visit to China.